How important is your facebook to you? Do you post all the time? Is that how you keep in touch with friends and family? Is that the place you spend hours of your time without even realizing it?  What about business? Do you follow your favorite brands there? Do you pay attention to deals and advertising there?  If you are a business or brand owner this post is for you!

Let’s talk about branding, facebook and your timeline!  Social Media Examiner recently posted 5 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Timeline Page with Images. Let’s take a quick look at what those five things are.

1. The Cover Photo: Your Biggest Branding Opportunity! A unique single image 851 x 315. Use this image to represent your page as a whole, you want this to be a strong visual image to create a HUGE impact for your page. Be sure to follow Facebook’s strict guidelines in regards to this image.

2. The Profile Picture: The Hardest-Working Image on Facebook! 125 pixel square image that now does triple duty! It is an extension of your cover photo in the bottom left corner, your thumbnail icon that travels with your posts on your pages and other pages, and the main brand image used in the facebook app for iPhones and other mobile devices.

3. Custom Tab Images: Make Sure You Take Advantage of These! You now have a maximum of four tabs (including the photo tab) prominently displayed at 111 x 74 pixels plus the tab name below the image!

4. Highlighting Posts to Create Visual Interest!:  using the new “highlight” feature to bring a bit of visual order to the chaos of timeline is simple, clicking on the “star” icon that appears in the top-right area when you mouse over one of your updates. When you highlight a page status, it then occupies two columns in your Timeline.

5. Create Milestones to Make Your Page “Sticky!”:  Establish benchmark dates on your timeline, then utilize imagery in your milestones. Create as many of these as you like! The benefit? Imagery will take center stage.